I’m in the pre production phase of recording a new record.  I couldn’t be more excited to have Jeremy Batten, Billy Matheny, Michael Stewart and Bryan Smithhelp bring these songs to life. Stay tuned as I’ll be posting audio and video clips thoughout the process.

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Haley Slagle rocks Morgantown Sound

By Corey Zinn

Monday night, U92 FM hosted Morgantown’s sweet and lyrical Haley Slagle, who was accompanied by guitarist extraordinaire Billy Matheny on Morgantown Sound in the Gluck Theatre of the Mountainlair.

Haley Slagle has played rhythm guitar for Billy Matheny’s side project, The Frustrations, for 10 years. Recently, she decided to begin a new solo project.

Slagle, with her acoustic guitar, and Matheny, with his electric, sat side-by-side and played profound and simple tunes from Slagle’s new EP, The Frustrations’ original songs and some covers.

Slagle’s melodies are relaxing and her words strong, and they supply a sweet reminiscence of West Virginia. Even with the simplicity of her style, she still captivates you with well-crafted harmonies and the natural emotion of her lyrics.

“I’ve been using my coming-of-age experiences as a palette,” Slagle said. “That’s where I’ve been drawing from.”

She has been writing since the age of 12, and the wisdom and emotion in her music are evident. Her new solo project began with the help of her friend and band-mate, Jeremy Batten.

“I was sitting around trying to write better songs when my friend Jeremy had this idea,” Slagle said. “He had this idea of starting out by recording the vocals and then recording the drums last.”

The result is her new “Haley Slagle EP,” and from the abnormal recording process comes more vocally centered songs.

By recording the vocals by themselves, Slagle was able to experiment with different instrumentation. She is working on a similar full-length album that will be released next year.

Slagle and Matheny’s chemistry shines through their music. Together, they made hysterical banter and sang in beautiful harmony, comfortably strumming their guitars.

“We met September or October of 1988,” Matheny said. “In Fairmont (W.Va.) in a bar called Marco’s.

“It’s where you go before you fall off the face of the Earth,” Slagle said.

Since Matheny and Slagle have been friends, they have played together on and off until settling with The Frustrations.

You can listen to Haley Slagle’s EP and find out where she’ll be playing next at She will be playing at her favorite Morgantown venue, Gene’s Beer Garden, April 20.

Listen to past recordings and see who’s playing next on Morgantown Sound at

You can also check The Daily Athenaeum on Monday for the artist playing that evening.

Listen to “Whiskey”